intangible film

intangible film [2020]

Theme : Sanctuary

Motif : Fushimi Inari Shrine, One Thousand Torii -Kyoto-

Creator : Shohei Fujimoto, Ray Kunimoto

As you walk and listen, you discover special structures in your mind and feel the territory. Your own senses open in the torii.

Senbon Torii is located on the grounds of Fushimi Inari-Taisha Shrine (Kyoto), an important cultural property of the country. There are countless torii gates arranged in a row, and it is an artificial structure and space with the function of passage. The torii gate serves as a sign and gate for entering the sanctuary. Why did people join the gate? This is an installation work focusing on the gates that form the Senbon Torii. The viewer wears headphones and experiences. Inside the intangible film that defines the inside and outside of the gate, structures formed by countless laser beams are floating. The viewer can visually and aurally grasp the behavior of the structure from both inside and outside the structure. An intangible structure, such as a spirit floating in space, relentlessly confronts the viewer and envelops it.

Shohei Fujimoto
Shohei Fujimoto

Born in 1989. Based in Tokyo. After graduating from the Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences (IAMAS), I transferred to Tama Art University Information Design Department. Have been using technology to create installation and visual. Exploring the relationship between living things and inanimate objects through these structures and behavior and have been exhibited both domestically and internationally events.

Ray Kunimoto
Ray Kunimoto

Born in New York, 1991 and Based in Brooklyn, New York. Graduated from Keio University, Bachelor of Arts, Aesthetics, and Science of Arts. He has been composing music and sound programming for installation works that are exhibited in museums all around the world and creating artworks using an original speaker system that he uniquely developed. Creating new musical experiences that also involve acoustic design in spaces.